There’s an old wise tale “when a child is born someone dies!” The birth of Graciana brings gratification to the world of Malakai and Asperilla. Malakai embarks on a quest to become a devoted father and husband. His happiness is short-lived as he senses Corbin Lancaster will use his daughter as a sign of vulnerability and avenge the death of Nikki. Malakai request assistance from Ayanna, a former escort and newly Assistant District Attorney to infiltrate Corbin organization of powerful lawyers, bribable politicians, and crooked police. Ayanna honors Malakai’s wishes until her personal vendetta against Asperilla resurfaces and causes her to merge with Corbin. He designs a death-dealing, double-crossing fatal game of chess between Malakai and Asperilla.   Read More

Best Selling Poet/Author

Flenardo Taylor

Flenardo/Freknardo is an accomplished Poet & Author who used writing as a way to tap into the imaginative side of his life. He recognized that it was never a talent but a gift from the Most High. He writes without limits; there isn’t a title or subject that he cannot touch. He lives in an alter ego state of mind where Freknardo is a Ferocious Performer and Flenardo is the Humble Lamb that keeps everything balanced.

Books by Flenardo

The Poetic Whore

Malakai is a spoken word artist who has everything a man can desire, Money, Power, and a chain of Upscale Nightclubs.  

Married To The Poet

Married to the Pen is a critically acclaimed sequel to The Poetic Whore; saturated with diabolical and sexy characters packed with a juicy plot from takeoff to landing. Buckle Up for this one!

Forbidden Forgiveness

There’s an old wise tale “when a child is born someone dies!” The birth of Graciana brings gratification to the world of Malakai and Asperilla. 


Flenardo’s books are the most erotic books I’ve ever read. And that says a lot, seeing as all I do is read erotic novels. He’s grimy and sexual all in one… lots of twists and turns that will make your head spin. You won’t know whether to be mad or excited! 


My favorite couple Malakai and Asperilla with no second thought if you live or die had my mouth wide open never double-cross these two lol. Forbidden forgiveness is the perfect title for this book sensual, sexual, dramatic and the love Malakai showed …


This is the 3rd book in the series and you got to start at the beginning! Amazing characters you will either love or hate Malakai and Asperilla.

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