"Write like a Virgin Perform but like a Whore"

Author & Poet

Welcome to the captivating world of Gemini7. Meet Flenardo, a pen-stroking urban fiction author, and Freknardo, a spoken word artist famous for his poetic wordplay. Flenardo has written five urban fiction novels, while Freknardo has produced five spoken word albums. Poetry and the love of arts have always been an integral part of their lives. Flenardo's inspiration for writing novels arose during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. He is an innovator in his community and once hosted an eight-year poetry platform called Poetic Empowerment for local and national artists in Anniston, AL, before retiring in 2021. Flenardo's passion for writing and helping other artists' art has allowed him to leave a lasting creative impact in cities across America, combat zones, and foreign countries.


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