"Write like a Virgin Perform like a Whore"

Author & Poet

Welcome to the orgasmic universe of Flenardo, an urban fiction author with the DNA of a spoken word artist known as Freknardo.

Flenardo is originally from Anniston, Al.  He has produced six spoken word CDs and three urban fiction novels. (The Poetic Whore, Married to the Pen, & Forbidden Forgiveness)

The Army and urban fiction have always been a part of his world. In 1999, he read his first novel in a Korean underground bunker, and he was inspired to write his first novel during his 2011 Afghanistan deployment.

He is an innovator for the community and established Poetic Empowerment, an eight-year poetry platform in Anniston for local and national artists. 

Flenardo’s passion has allowed him to leave a creative footprint in American cities, combat zones, and foreign countries. 


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