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Urban Erotica 

DEVASTATION (formerly known as ASSDICKTIVE) is the first galvanizing spin-off from The Poetic Whore series.

The word says, “Do not cast your pearls to swine or give what is sacred to dogs because they will turn, trample them under their feet and tear them to pieces.” What is your orgasm worth and who deserves your stroke? So why give it away freely without thinking of the consequences?


Urban Erotica 

There’s an old wise tale “when a child is born someone dies!” The birth of Graciana brings gratification to the world of Malakai and Asperilla. Malakai embarks on a quest to become a devoted father and husband. His happiness is short-lived as he senses Corbin Lancaster will use his daughter as a sign of vulnerability and avenge the death of Nikki.

Married To The Pen

Urban Erotica 

Married to the Pen is a critically acclaimed sequel to The Poetic Whore; saturated with diabolical and sexy characters packed with a juicy plot from takeoff to landing. Buckle Up for this one!


Urban Erotica 

Malakai is a spoken word artist who has everything a man can desire, Money, Power, and a chain of Upscale Nightclubs. He has prospered quite well in his success mostly because of the lovely ladies that work his underground escort business. Malakai and his fierce girlfriend Asperilla have instituted a pleasurable service that provides sexual memories to clients that will last a lifetime.